10 basic tips for cyclists

cycling tips

Biking is one of the favorite sports for many people, as it is a very popular activity. not only benefits our health, but it is also fun and a way to living socially with other practitioners.
However, cycling should not be practiced without taking the proper care, since a A bicycle is not a toy, but a transport vehicle that can cause or suffer accidents.
That’s why, today, we present 10 basic tips that are easy to follow and very useful for you to to practice this sport in a safer way:
Wear a helmet. Make this a habit, even before you get on the bike (it is a proven fact that the helmet use reduces the risk of head injury in 88% of accidents).
Use the proper bicycle. Use a bike that fits your height and size, not too big or too small.
Before you start your trip, make sure you’re not wearing loose clothing or anything else that may be can get tangled up in the chain and cause a fall.
Always check your brakes and tires before you leave.
Wear colorful clothes. Always wear colored clothing, such as red, orange, or yellow, so that you will that you can be seen at any time of the day.
Avoid cycling at night to avoid possible accidents. If this is not possible, do not forget to bring suitable lights and reflectors. Use retro-reflective materials on legs, ankles, arms, back and helmet.
Always look left and right and left again before entering another street or intersection.
Always drive on your side, in the same direction as other traffic and in a straight line, without zigzagging in the middle of cars.
Prevents the use of music playback devices.
Knows and obeys traffic and road safety rules.

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