10 tips for sparkle in 2018

running sparkle

Tips for the energy of your legs to have an effect on the asphalt.

It’s official: running makes you happy. A study conducted by Englan Athletic on more than 13,000 new runners has found that 74 percent of them have improved psychologically after starting sport. It makes you feel fitter and stronger too. The problem comes when running becomes a boring routine and too strenuous. That’s when your sneakers start collecting dust in the closet and the motivation is far away from the sofa where you spend your hours.

Lucky you got us. Runner’s World and Under Armour are here to make that never happen and keep your motivation at its peak. With a few small tricks we are sure that you will return to the path of success and you can put that new personal brand in the spotlight.

Here are a series of tips to improve your performance on the asphalt, from how to motivate yourself to go out on the street to how to tackle the challenges in the best physical form. Kilometers, we’re coming for you!

1. Create your own team
When it comes to running, the group always adds up. The study we talked about earlier also concluded that 90% of the 13,000 runners felt more motivated after training with a group. Gather your friends and join a group. The road to success is best traveled if you are accompanied.

2. Change surface
The hard asphalt is not the only place to run. The athletics track in your city is a great place to finish off the speed drills and control your time with accuracy. The sand on the beach will also help you strengthen your foot muscles. And, according to the University of Innsbruk, trail running is one of the best activities to improve your fitness and bring your motivation to unsuspected limits.

3. Route varies
We already know that you like asphalt, but one of the keys to running is longevity. Changing your routes a couple of times a week will make your workouts much more interesting. Get lost and then find yourself. And don’t worry, apps like Map My Run will help you get home safely.

4. Become an adventurer
Why not leave your fears and caution under the bed and discover a new place to run? Put a pin on the map, put everything you need in a backpack and live the adventure. Use the Map My Run application and turn your training into a brutal experience. And if you’re accompanied by friends on a narrow trail route, you’ll enjoy it even more.

5. Renew your equipment
Maybe it’s time to renew your running gear. We have all had that magical feeling of wearing new shoes and wanting to wear them for the first time. An injection of motivation that comes from looking down and knowing that your shoes will rise to the challenge. Do it with a couple of the HOVR Phantom and shatter your personal brand with its tremendous energy return and comfort. You’ll also have to apologize to your friends for leaving them behind…

10 tips for sparkle in 2018
6. End up relaxing with swimming
At the end of your races (or workouts) you have to be careful not to get cold, drink water and shower. The first two points are for your body and the last one for chatting with friends and commenting on the race. But the best thing comes when you combine all three in the pool. A few long swimming crawls are a perfect way to reduce lactate buildup in the muscles. Water cures everything!

7. Night animal
While the last hours of the day may not be the best time to do some intense series (have you ever tried trying to sleep after a hard workout?), a gentle five-kilometre workout is an ideal option. Running at night with empty streets and parks accompanied by friends is a great feeling. Remember to wear reflective clothing and some light element to avoid scares.

8. Set higher goals
Sports psychologists have shown, study after study, that having a well-defined objective to work for is like having a coach demanding you every day. You stay motivated, work harder and get more out of your workouts. Increasing your challenges will help you increase your capacity for suffering and your self-esteem. Stagnated in the 10K? Maybe it’s time to jump into the half-marathon.

9. Turn your playlist upside down
You already know that. A good playlist can help you ignore the suffering of training and also make you run faster and more frequently. But did you know that it can also speed your recovery? Research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that listening to songs at 110 bpm (bits per minute) helps your body cleanse lactate. I mean, rap will be your new partner in post-training massage.

10. Update your look
Cleaning the wardrobe and renovating your wardrobe is much more useful than uploading a photo to Instagram. The theory of implicit cognition comes to say that dressing the way you want motivates you to act. That is to say, when you buy a running shirt that suits you or comfortable and beautiful pants, you will be wearing them the next day. Under Armour’s innovative design is not only applied to footwear, but you’ll also find highly worked textile garments. Improve your equipment from head to toe and run ahead in your next race.

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