5 super tips for buying the perfect shoes

tips to buy running shoes

Watch your feet, or they won’t take care of your passion for running. Tips for buying the best shoes

1. Look at the fit, not the design.
With the help of a specialized store, find a model that picks up your bow, fits your footprint and covers your training needs.

2. Afternoon shopping
Your feet expand during the day, which also happens when you run. Try the slippers as late as possible to make sure your fingers have enough space.

3. Don’t assume your size
Each make and model has its own fit, even if you always use the same model, the new one will have a different fit than the old one. Be flexible with your options.

4. He’s wearing socks
Put on some running socks, not the normal ones you wear to work, to take the test.

5. Run! Run!
It doesn’t matter how they feel while you’re standing. Take them for a spin to make sure they fit properly.

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