7 technical features to consider when buying shoes

Don’t fall into any trap when renewing your running shoes.

In any sport where speed is vital, few things are more important than the element you put your body in contact with the ground, whether it’s wheels, nails or skis. Also if it’s a running shoe. The best thing in this type of products is a structure with technological advances that will give you everything you need in your careers.

So choose your running shoes with knowledge and you will go further, faster. Choose wrong and you’ll risk injury. Or you can choose differently and see how everything changes. It’s time to think about how cutting-edge technology can make you a better runner.

Look at the marks on the athletes.

Men and women in white coats are important in developing a shoe, but it all starts at the tracks, roads and asphalt. “We always start from the athlete,” says Dombrow. “Those are our roots, our competitive DNA.” The athlete’s mentality allows you to focus on product development in a much more direct way. “They say to you,’ I want comfort. And your job is to translate those words into the product and come back with a solution that satisfies the athlete, something that has never been done before. Offering what the athlete wants is the ultimate goal and innovating is the only way to do it. We provided what they asked for with products they could not imagine,”says Dombrow.

Make comfort your priority

The best garment is the one you don’t notice when you wear it. The comfort of a running shoe has reached its peak in recent years and it seemed that things were not going to change in the near future. But they did. “You don’t always have to take the easy way out,” says Dombrow. With HOVR technology, comfort was very important and we were looking for different solutions to achieve this. We pay a lot of attention to cycling biker shorts, which have a one-piece structure and offer breathability and comfort. But what’s that got to do with feet? We built the interior of HOVR in a way very similar to the chamois. And so we offered the athletes what they needed exceeding their expectations.

Always with the numbers

Remember the researchers in white coats we talked about earlier? Your shoe is a piece of engineering and you should only trust the brands that treat it as such. We have some of the world’s best biomechanics in our innovation labs in Baltimore and Portland, United States,”says Dombrow. In them we take the data, make captures of movement and also tests of perception using subjective comments from the runners. These allow us to fine tune what we do. Sport is a science and must be studied.

Expect something new

Advances in shoe technology are such that today you should expect extra performance in your strides. “HOVR sneakers give you energy back,” says Dombrow. And this is what causes you to feel that you can go faster, as you regain energy and reduce fatigue. We asked the athletes their opinion about the shoe and, personally, they said it made them feel alive. And that’s really important to us.

Know your strength

Comfort is vital for all runners, especially if long distances are your thing. But without proper stability, the risk of injury is greater. The material we have developed is very soft,”says Dombrow. “Energy Web” is a web that we use to control the movement of the material, as if it were a bellows, sending energy back to the foot. It offers an exact amount of stability and more energy. Comfort and stiffness independently are nothing. The important thing is that a shoe combines these two characteristics and be really innovative.

Choose your weapons

You should take care of the technology you put on your feet like the food you eat to make it work better. It’s clear that food is the fuel for success, but it’s the sneakers that get you there. HOVR technology is present in the Phantom and Sonic models,”says Dombrow. They are different slippers: the Phantom is like a luxury car, with all the comfort you need while the Sonic is like a sports car: minimal, flush to the ground and extremely breathable. We really took out all the burdens to optimise this model: geometry, sole, traction, everything has been designed for high performance – and that makes it lighter than the Phantom “.

Meet your creator

The distinctive character of a brand often has its effect on the quality of the final product and, ultimately, that product will be what you wear on the race day. We always want to live up to our mantra: Under Armour makes you better,”Dombrow says. To do this, we must innovate and challenge the status quo. With HOVR we wanted to build the best cushioning platform ever built. We wanted to build something irreverent and innovative to bring our technology (HOVR and Energy Web mesh) to the corridor’s stride. HOVR is really a reflection of what we at UA do: innovate to deliver superior performance.

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