The best sports for kids

sports for kids


Football is the most widely practiced sport in childhood (47%) and is still the most widely played sport. one of the children’s favorite activities (60%).
This activity can be practiced from the age of five, helping in the development of the motor coordination and other skills, such as balance and understanding of the space to which they belong. around.


Another activity that makes the presence of the whole family possible is volleyball, which can be practiced on the beach, in the country and even in the water. According to the results of various investigations, this sport is practiced by 14% of children. By age seven, the child can already To start playing volleyball in a fun and recreational way.


This is one of any child’s favorite activities! In addition to being an easy activity and that can be exercised in the living room of the house, to dance, just move your body and have fun, and this premise applies to both parents and children.


Climbing is an excellent way to play and at the same time teach your children about climbing. importance of using safety accessories such as helmets, knee pads, protective gloves, etc.
This practice should be encouraged from the age of seven onwards, because at that age there is already a higher rate of control of one’s own body, in addition to the fact that the child already has more of a sense of danger, something that is not as developed in the early years of life.


Whether in the pool or at sea, most children learn to swim with their parents. No doubt about it, an activity that can become a fun and refreshing joke in the water. Swimming is an excellent option for the family to take advantage of the free time during the summer; to the as the younger ones are introduced to the world of physical activity.


Today it is possible to choose the model that best suits every need, whether for adults or children that want to start in cycling. The children, at the age of three, already have the necessary motor equipment to learn to ride a bicycle; although, of course, always using the safety equipment and preferably under the adult supervision.

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