The essentials in choosing a bicycle helmet

cycling helmet

When choosing a helmet for cycling, be sure to pay attention to the following following resources:

1. Comfort

The helmet must be able to adapt perfectly to your head, thanks to its foam lining and the adjustable circumference to the head. For convenience, the best products have even an elastic head support. If a given helmet doesn’t give you the comfort the best thing to do is not to opt for it, especially if you will spend more than 30 minutes in a row in the bicycle.

2. Ventilation

The ventilation holes in the shell of your helmet make your head maintain a correct head shape. and avoid any discomfort caused by heat or moisture. There is no secret: the more openings the helmet has, the cooler and more comfortable you’ll feel.

3. Weight

This is very simple and directly linked to comfort, you will be able to wear a helmet more lighter for longer. In general, we recommend you to select a product that does not exceed the weight of the 300g, this will prevent you from suffering any injury due to stiffness in the back or the top of the neck.

4. Impact protection

This is the most important point to consider and the reason for the helmets. Usually, the Bike helmets are designed from a single block that offers an excellent protection against impacts. Some of them, in fact, have a reinforced structure and a the neck and the sides of the head, for greater protection. At the time of to acquire a helmet, this is the main point you should check. To do this, buy your helmet with salesmen who really know helmets and know the world of cycling; or, at specialized stores.

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