Essential tips for running in summer

running summer

1 – Stay hydrated

In summer, you should consume at least two glasses of water more than usual. If you’re going to run in the tomorrow, it’s best to get the best hydration the night before. The basic rule is to drink between one and a half litres and one litre of liquid per hour of exercise, or 90-180 ml of liquid every 15-20 minutes minutes. Don’t forget about electrolyte-containing drinks, too, as sweat can make you sweaty. removes a large amount of mineral salts from the body.

2 – Run in the morning or at night

Some runners do their training around five in the morning. It’s just as well not to suffer with the sun, especially in regions with temperatures above 30º C. If not you can wake up so early (or you don’t like it), try to train as late as possible. Though the sun reaches its highest point in the sky at noon, the temperature of the Earth’s surface reaches its highest point at noon. to its peak three to four hours later.

3 – Plan your training

Log in to a park with drinking fountains and local stores that sell food and beverages. One possibility is to program a circuit that includes places where you can fill your bottle or even a hidden one in the place where you will do your tour. Another alternative is to take a circular route and pass several times in front of your house, leaving water or sports drinks ready for consumption.

4 – Check the thermal index

It is not the heat, but the humidity of the air that most affects the runners. For example, a temperature of 37 º C at 8 am may occur in coastal areas, but if the humidity reaches 100%, you will suffer much more. Moisture in the air reduces the body’s ability to cool itself by sweating. The thermal index is the combination of temperature and relative humidity of the air to provide the apparent temperature value, which is the true heat. Check the weather forecast before a long workout. In some areas, the temperature does not drop much at night and the humidity is higher at the beginning of the day.

5 – Suitable material

When running in summer, try to wear very light clothing and, if possible, smart fabrics to disperse sweat. This way your skin temperature will be cooler and your workout will be more pleasant. Light-colored clothing reflects heat, and if it’s a little loose, the air may be too loose. to circulate better. Try to put some ice on your hat. Its cooling effect can last up to 40 minutes. In addition, with the melting of the ice, the water drains off and generates a refrigeration.

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